Polaris Hotel Safe

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Best Hotel Safe Box In Malaysia


An important element while searching for a hotel to stay in would be the available amenities. A hotel safe box in Malaysia is now one of the most required basic amenities to be fixed in every hotel room. Protected by a unique customizable pass code, the safe box offers a safe and secure place for guests to store their belongings. As with most safes, they are usually constructed using sturdy materials. The box will keep valuables and belongings safe from the prying hands of any petty thief.

The addition of a safe box in the hotel room will be a welcome addition as it gives guests more than just a secure storage space. It also gives them a peace of mind whenever they are out of the room. This is where Lion Steelworks excels at providing safe and sturdy hotel safe boxes for our clients. Our Polaris hotel safe box in Malaysia is known for its unrivalled quality and solid construction. Designed to keep its contents safe, rest assured that it can provide convenience and security for your hotel guests.

Proving to be useful to both guests and hotel owners, our Polaris series of hotel safe box in Malaysia are equipped with the necessary essentials for secure storage and convenience. Made with high grade steel, the safes are operating with a motor driven boltwork as the locking mechanism. Each safe also comes with built-in LED display for a better user experience. The 12 key numeric touchpad is operated with 6 digit code combinations. This allows for a near limitless combination of numbers for extra security. They also come with an integrated MCU which allows hotel owners the ability to monitor and control the safe system.

Available for either base or wall fixing, the safe box can be safely secured to its location. Depending on client requirements, the Polaris series is available in several dimensions and sizes. Clients can choose either 420W x 400D x 200H, 420W x 400D x 300H or 420W x 400D x 400H variants. They are all made with the same sturdy construction and operate with the same locking mechanism. For more information about our Polaris series, drop us a message today.

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