Lion Fire Resistance Cabinet

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Durable Fireproof Cabinet In Malaysia

Lion Steelworks provides a distinguished solution for corporations are constantly looking for fireproof cabinet in Malaysia. While no cabinet can be completely fireproof, we have come to realize that fire resistant cabinets are an efficient way for businesses to keep their vital assets and other important documents safe. And that summarizes our reason for providing cabinets that utilize fire resistive technology. We continue to define the market with our continuous researches done into new developments in design.

Fires mostly occur when it is least expected. When it does occur, not only is the building left in ruins, the contents therein are lost as well. This is why many are actively looking for fireproof cabinet in Malaysia to protect their valued documents and resources. At Lion Steelworks, our collection of fire resistant cabinets may be the solution you are looking for.

All kinds of modern fire resistant cabinets are available in our store. High heat resistant coatings and materials are used to ensure that your valuables remain safe. All you have to do put a call through to us, and we will get your fireproof cabinet delivered in record time.

Aside from our expertise in fire protective cabinets, we are also able to customize your fire cabinets to suit your office interior design in Malaysia. Either you are opening a new office, renovating or expanding your current space, Lion Steelworks is the place to get fire resistive cabinets that are in line with the aesthetics of your workplace.

In setting up an interior design, we realized that brand identity and creativity come to play. Uniqueness is also a vital point not to neglect. Lion Steelworks has been able to blend both safety and modern design together. Our customization options allow secure storage of your files and documents while blending seamlessly into the overall design of your office space.

Your budget is not buoyant and we perfectly understand. With our cost effective plans, we can guarantee you with quality without having to break the bank. If you are looking for fireproof cabinets that can be customized according to your office interior design in Malaysia, reach us today and you will be glad you did.

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  • Model no: FRX4
  • Fire resistance & anti-theft safes

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