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Industrial Heavy Duty Racking System In Malaysia


Lion Heavy Duty Racking System in Malaysia offers you a complete range of storage system and accessories to meet all your warehousing needs. Our heavy-duty racking system use pallets to store items, particularly heavy and bulky items up to 20,000kg per unit/column. Constructed using hot rolled metal sheets; our high tensile strength means that they will be able to withstand any heavy duty tasks that you put it through.

Our storage system are ideal for warehouses which stock heavy items that require machines such as a forklift or a reach truck to move it. Basic components of the pallet rack consist of upright frames and horizontal beams for loading, which can be easily installed and dismantled to adapt to your changing needs. As each client would have unique storage requirements, we offer the convenience and flexibility of adjusting the beams of our racking system. The beams can be easily adjusted in steps of 75mm, without needing any specialized tools.

Our new OMEGA Pallet Frame System provides a wide range of cost-effective, heavy-duty frames or uprights to meet your various warehousing requirements. We make sure that each of our racking system offers convenience and safety. Our high quality storage system can be solidly constructed up to 20 meters and above.

Frame Profile Specifications:

  • Made of hot rolled steel sheet JIS G-3101 SS400
  • High tensile strength material with thickness of 1.8mm and above
  • Designed as a CKD (Com Knock Down) system
  • Vertical frame constructed using diagonal and horizontal square pipe bracing

Make the most out of your available storage space now with us. Lion Steelworks have been a staple name in the industry when it comes to getting high quality steel products. Similarly, our heavy duty racking system in Malaysia is top of the line and will be a welcome addition to any storage facility or warehouse. For more information about our products, send us a message or drop us a call.
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