Boltless Rack

This system is very simple and can be assembled within minutes as a stand alone rack. It is also modular and can be assembled into multiple bays connected with joint brackets between bays.


Hassle-Free Boltless Rack In Malaysia


Versatility of Boltless Racking

In addition to its simplicity in assembling, the Boltless Racking System can be bolted onto movable bases, which are placed on tracks. These racks can be hand-pushed or steer-driven to access the bay, or closed when not in use, thus saving significant aisle space.

Depending on individual needs and preferences, stacking and loading can be done either on steel, plywood or MDF board shelving.

boltless rack malaysia

  1. UPRIGHTS (1.5mmt x CRSS – 40 x 40 x LENGTH)
    The uprights are roll – formed into 90° angle with slotted holes punched at an adjustable pitch of 40mm intervals.
  2. SHELF HOLDERS (1.5mmt CRSS)
    ‘V’ shape flanges are pierced on the shelf holders to hook on to the uprights. After piercing the holder is bend – ‘L’ shape for strength.
  3. SHELF CLIPS (1.5mmt CRSS)
    Alternatively shelf clips are provided as an option for light – duty loading.
  4. STEEL SHELVES (0.9mmt CRSS x 25 x W x D)
    All 4 sides are double bent for strength and rigidity, and a centre bar rib is welded underneath as added strength.
    ‘Alternatively wooden shelf either plywood or MDF board can be provided as an option.
  6. UPRIGHT FEET (ABS 45 x 45)
    Heavy duty plastic L-shape feet provided to cushion the base of the upright.
    The steel joint brackets hook on to the uprights to hold and connect adjoining bays and provide rigidity between bays.