01 Library Shelving

Per Single Sided Bay: 915W x 304D x 1981H (mm)

Per Double Sided Bay: 915W x 540D x 1981H (mm)

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Top:The front and back edges are triple bent to enhance strength and rigidity.
Material – thickness 0.9mm C.R.S.S
Side:The side L/R have have 2 side brace welded to hold the upright
Material – thickness 0.9mm C.R.S.S
Upright:Two channel are welded together and welded to a 2” x 3” RHS which acts as leg base. Slots of 25mm intervals are punched on the upright for easy adjustability.
Material – thickness 1.5mm C.R.S.S
Bottom Brace:1” X 2” RHS Bar with both ends welded with 3mmt plate with holes which will be riveted to the upright.
Shelf & Shelf end:Shelf is bent on all four sides and is riveted to the shelf end.Shelf can withstand a load of 70kgs

Shelf Depth – 228mm

Material – thickness 1.2mm C.R.S.S

Book Support:The book support is made from diameter 5mm wire which can slide underneath the shelf and can stop at any point to support the books.
Wire & Turn Buckle:Diameter 3mm high tension wire and 6” turn buckle is used to strengthen the rigidity of the library shelving diagonally.
Color:Ral Gray or Beige powder coated.