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Getting cheap bookshelves racks in Malaysia is not a difficult task. The difficult task is in getting one that is priced affordably while still retaining quality you would expect from a top industrial racking systems manufacturer in Malaysia. This durable equipment is most commonly found in bookstores and libraries as a way to properly organize and display their books. They are excellent additions to any bookstore or library owners as they provide a systematic way to display all these books.

Bookshelves are always made from sturdy and durable materials. This is because books are not lightweight items and having one made from premium grade materials will make sure that they remain durable and functional for a long time. At Lion Steelworks, we provide several types of bookshelves and racks. While we offer cheap bookshelves rack in Malaysia, rest assured that we do not compromise in terms of product quality.

All of our bookshelves are expertly designed and made with the best steel for unrivalled quality. The front and back edges of the top are all triple bent to provide extra strength and rigidity. The side panels are brace welded to hold the upright beams. For the upright, two channels are welded together. They are then welded to an RHS leg base. Perforations are at 25mm intervals so that you can have the flexibility to adjust the dimensions of each shelf.

Other than being made from 1.2mm high quality C.R.S.S, the shelves are bent on all four sides for extra rigidity. They are riveted to the shelf to give your books ample support up to a load of 70kg. It has a shelf depth of 228mm. Our library shelves and racks are also available in several powder-coated finishes for that added premium look.

Lion Steelworks is a renowned name in the industry. Our signature reliability over the years has made us one of the top industrial racking systems manufacturers in Malaysia. Using the best industrial grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment, we are definitely one of the best when it comes to quality steel products. To know more about our collection of bookshelves and racks, send us a message today!

  • 01 Library Shelving

    Per Single Sided Bay: 915W x 304D x 1981H (mm) Per Double Sided Bay: 915W x 540D x 1981H (mm)

  • 02 Book Shelf

    Stand alone. Ideal for home & offices. Size: 890W x 305D x 1778H (mm)

  • 03 Periodical Shelving

    Size: Single-sided bay: 915W x 406D x 2000H (mm) Double-sided bay: 915W x 708D x 2000H (mm) Colour: Powder coated…

  • 05 Light Duty (Slotted Angle Rack)

    Light Duty Racking System comprises of steel shelves with a loading capacity of 110kg. This is the simplest racking structure…

  • 06 Medium Duty Racking System Shelving Rack


  • Boltless Rack

    This system is very simple and can be assembled within minutes as a stand alone rack. It is also modular…

  • Heavy Duty

    Industrial Heavy Duty Racking System In Malaysia   Lion Heavy Duty Racking System in Malaysia offers you a complete range…