About us

Custom Made Industrial Office Furniture in Malaysia

Lion Steelworks Sdn Bhd (LSW) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lion Corporation Berhad (LCB) which is listed on the main Board of Bursa Malaysia.

The Company operates from a 23,000 square meters site situated at Bukit Raja Industrial Estate, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

LSW is a manufacturer of quality Steel Office Furniture, Physical Security Products, Industrial Steel Storage System and other Steel Related Fabricated Products. In Malaysia, LSW has established itself as the leading manufacturer and market leader for Steel Office Furniture.

We are a company which places customers at our foremost priority. We are interested in not just getting you the best office furniture, but also custom made ones. Custom made office furniture in Malaysia that suits clients perfectly cannot be found anywhere aside Lion Steelworks.

We constantly undergo researches at our company in a bid to increase our knowledge base and supply better office furniture. The result of such researches has always been provision of quality industrial office furniture.

With our up-to-date machines, building top-notch furniture is stress free. Our staff and technicians are also highly trained, giving them an edge over their contemporaries. It is said that a company can only thrive as much as the skill level of her workers, hence, our reason for constantly training our workers to be able to bring up idea into building quality industrial office furniture.

We are also a 21st century company with proper understanding of technology. We are aware that our world today is built on technology and any business that will thrive must be channeled towards it. Hence the reasons why we are intrigued about experts who can help realize ways we can serve our clients better. We also don’t hesitate in requesting their services in developing custom made office furniture in Malaysia.

The factory is equipped with up-to-date machines which include Turret Punch Press, Press Machines, Bending Machine, Forming Machine as well as fully automated Powder Coating Paint Line and Baking Oven.

LSW’s current production capacity is approximately 300,000 units per annum. The factory is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction by utilizing effective management systems.

LSW is export orientated and currently exports 60% of its total production to various parts of the world, such as Japan, Middle East, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

Lion Trading & Marketing Sdn Bhd, a sister company of LSW is the sales and marketing arm for the domestic market.

Lion Steelworks Sdn Bhd, a member of the Lion Group is an established, leading manufacturer and market leader for steel office furniture and is committed to provide quality and innovative products to create a conducive workplace.
We strive to be the market leader in quality steel office furniture, industrial steel storage system, physical security products and others steel related fabricated products at competitive pricing, providing total customer satisfaction with reasonable profits.

LION STEEL WORKS SDN BHD is committed to being a leading manufacturer of high quality Steel Office Furniture, Physical Security Products and Industrial Steel Storage System by:-

  • Leaving no resources spared in our effort and commitment to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Seeking continuous improvement in all we do.
  • Working to ensure guaranteed quality.
  • Building improvement through staff development.